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Originally Posted by fourcylsgood View Post
Score! If you're going to change out the shift knob let me know

Hopefully the profile gasket in that m42 has already been replaced.

Do you know if it's got an LSD?
Yea it has a LSD.. Oh believe me I found out if it did. I went on a empty street and did a nice dump. It left two nice bacon strips lol.

Yea the girl was super hot actually.

I'm not going to do a swap for a while, i'm going to keep the m42 in it for now, just throw headers, intake and chip on it.

As for suspension i'm going balls out, all poly bushings, camber plates, h&R races you name it, it's getting it. I got two new jobs this summer so that should fund it nice. It doesn't need too much work, it will pass safety as it sits now, just needs new brake rotors.

I'm definitely pumped for this. I'm going to put it in my name and tear into the sucker soon and git er done.

One problem that has me boggled, when the low beams are on, only the right light is on, but when the high beams are on all 4 of them turn on.

Stay tuned suckas.

The beater e is still coming to the meet, I got new tires today for the wheels, i'm going to go mount them in like a half hour.

85 325 - Turbo M52B28.
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