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Not really road rage, but I got burned in the process...

A couple of summers ago I was stuck in a major traffic jam on the E/B 401 (Keele St.). I was in the fast lane (collectors) and moved like 15ft in the past 20min! People started to pass on the left shoulder (I hate that!) So, I inched my car over to left so I can half block the shoulder.... what happens next? The Biatch beside me thinks my old space is available and moves in, so now I'm the one on the shoulder completely!! Since traffic was so tightly packed and not moving, I couldn't merge back in and as I inched forward, others started giving me the evil eye like I was a shoulder-runner!

To make things worse... I heard an Ambulance on the shoulder (About 5 cars back) behind me trying to get through and I was holding him up now. So I drove the shoulder with a train of cars following and an ambulance as a cabbose. Once we got to the major accident scene (in front of Yorkdale) The cops patiently awaiting the ambulance were looking at me like they were going to shoot me after I merged in with the flares. No ticket, but goes to show that vigilanties don't always do good either.
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