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I was road raged on!

I was driving back from Square One awhile ago in my winter car (1991 Geo Storm). I was merging on to the highway (with proper lane changes) and this butt munch was flying without his headlights on in this Pontiac Transport. He put his high beams on and rode my ass. He then got on to my side and started to freak. I pointed to him and told him he was a psyco. He lost it and forced me on to the left shoulder! There had to be less than two inches between fenders before i had to hit the brakes. So I put on my high beams on and honked the horn for like 20 seconds straight. Followed him abit then he peeled off on to an exit after he cut a bunch of other cars off. I was so pissed off! If I had my camera I would have taken a pic of his plate and called the cops.

Like I have done some stupid things in my day but I would never do something like that!
Hey guys/gals!,

Randy(empowerd), Kevin(straight_6), and I (Dave aka:'88 325e) started up Bimmercruize '01. Bimmercruize '02 is on Sunday August 11th! So if you need details about the show please contact us!
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