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Road Rage Stories???

Alright, I won't say what the ride i was sitting in today, but i witnessed major road rage today!
We were driving a friend back home, me sitting shotgun. Anyhow, we saw this chinese teenager driving some Reddish or mauroon colored mid 90's accord. It has some messeed up mods on it LOL. I saw some gay exterior tiny lights and unmatched body parts?!
Anyhow, we're driving on Don mills heading to steeles and just passed by Sennca College. All of a sudden, we see this guy driving a bit in a hurry and once me and my friend saw the hand position which was at the 12 to 1 o'clock position we were like "HAHAH TRY TO BE COOL DRIVER" then my friend copies him. So this guy is on our left and starts speeding up, my friend speeds up too. All of a sudden the guy like floored it and because he did not know how fast my friends car was, my friend did not have to downshift at all and just pressed on the gas harder. The stupid guy couldn't judge and just cut right in front of us where my friend had to brake. My friend got pissed, so we started tailgating him switching lanes with him. Once we got to Steeles, he made a right and my friend followed him. The guy was flooring it, i could hear it! My friend punched it too, but he did not floor it all the way at all. This crazy nut was going 140km/h on Steeles, my friend eased off on the throttle and we were about 2-3 car lengths behind. My friend wanted to cut him off, but once we got up to the bridge of hwy 404, mad bumps caused my friend to slow down. Anyways, the guy braked super hard and merged onto the left turning lane onto woodbine, my friend was like "forget it, let's head back... stupid guy"
What a stupid accord guy, he probably thought that he could out run stories. I can imagine him bragging to his friends that he beat an my friends car, which in no doubt is much faster than this guys ride.

Anyhow, just something i witnessed today. I know it's dangerous and stupid for what we did today, but I guess sometimes we really lose it and forget about reality and just burst into madness.

Anyone have their own share of road rage stories?
-=Slow In Fast Out=-
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