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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
tig, that your girl bro?
haha no, lol didnt even know this thread was still alive, **** that man i wouldnt put pics up if that was my girl, its just some bitch i used to know from back in the day, still had some of her pics on my comp, honestly she was a big time hoe bag tho, n shes all big time now, shes in LA modelling n stuff. i guess thats what all hot girls end up doing these days go to LA in search of fame start doing drugs then end up making sex tapes with washed up rapppers lol.

i got a couple of more pics but theyre all webcam pics like that, so here u go u guys can see some better high quality proffesional pics on her website have fun lol <- bitch better pay me for advertising lol

and boots as for pics of her of her toddler tunnel LMFAO i ll keep u posted last time i talked to her she said she was dreaming about doing playboy
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