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Talking Thanks to Bimmersport Automotive.

So i went to Bimmersport today for an oilchange appointment as usuall. And everything went perfectly and smoothly but 'The Bimmersport Crew' were kind enough to spend more time on my car by installing a ShortShifter kit that i'v been wanting to try out (UUC EVO3) AND ALSO offered to install a new xenon kit into my foglights even tho it was obvious that it was a busy day at the shop, which made me . And let me mension, All for a Great Price! Thanks alot to Charlie, Mustafa(Moe), Mike and Johnny! Your services satisfied all my needs and wants, and i left your shop happy . Keep up the good & hard work, i know that lots of your loyal customers do appreciate it.

P.S: Next time, maybe you can find me a 330 engine to supercharge m3almi ... haha.

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