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Jon I dunno what you consider fast, and not sure what you would like as your first car, but if its one of these modded civics that you are always talking about I think it would be a very unrealistic goal. Just cuz a car doesnt run 13 or 14's in the 1/4 mile doesnt mean its not quick and fun. Bliss' car im sure is hella fast when rolling and off the line, even though its not a 13 sec car like some of these modded jap cars.

As for the original argument Supra vs. M coupe I like both cars, because I love the inline six engine.

But stock for stock BMW gets 330 horse out of a N/A engine whereas Toyota uses twin turbo's to get the same power. I wish BMW could steal Toyota's knowledge on turbo's

imagine a turbo E46 M3
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