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Another One from BimmerSPORT!

This afternoon I took my dad's e36 323is to give my dad a late birthday present, a 3.23LSD. After I drop of the car, i decided to grab some lunch since i was very hungry. The Guys suggest MC'Donalds. i just wanted to get grab a big X-tra with Cheese (no-tomatoes).
By the time i finish eating at mcdonalds, Mike was already outside picking me back up with a big smile on his face. He told me the Diff was done! i was like WHAT?
he is like YES OH REALLY! DONE!

I couldn't belive how fast they did it. it was like honestly 30 Min.

Big Thanks again for Charlie and the Team for a quick install.

My dad Love the car now.

And lastly ADO 850 Twin-Turbo its ****IN ILL. Nice Ride Dude!

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