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Duty and Tax Calculation... how does it work?

Today I just picked up my M3 replica bumper near Pearson Airport.

The shipping company was Bax Inc and they asked me if I want them to clear the bumper for me for $105 + duty.

I said I will do it myself and I drove it there today. (saved $105)

Euro-Spec from e46fanatics claimed value for $120 CAD.

Bax Inc told me I need to pay 5% for the duty. (GST I guess)

When I bring my doctument to Custom located right next to their warehouse charged me a duty for 13%..(GST + PST) basically I paid a tax.

Here is the question..

Few days ago I got my LED tails and my total payment was duty + GST + PST + handling fee..

why % are varies??

does anyone have an answer for my question?

Thank in advance.

difference between "duty" and "tax"??
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