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benz is absolute GARBAGE its a GErman Chrysler, it has absolutely no quality, i mean since 99 when the new models came out they all suck, ML is by far the worst truck, the CLK is deg not worth the money and the S class has way to many problems espcially with the Air Matic suspension. I know cause i deal with these cars every day at my job, and they are a nightmare. My boss recently purchased a $20.000 scaner for the new car, and we are still having problems fixing them. But thats not wat bother me, its the fact that they are soooooooooooooo expensive and the parts are of poor quality and very expensive.

So the new generations of MErc and BImmers are just gonna be total nightmare due to too much electical pieces and sensors. On the 2003 Merc,s you cannot cahange the brakes if you dont have the computer. You have to hook up the computer "dissarm" the system change the brake but the computer on and "eneble" it again. and the 2005 models you wont be able to do an Oil Change without the computer. So this simply means more headaches for me and my boss, and less business for the Gypsies and Jiffy Lube
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