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Originally Posted by Boots R View Post
It might not be the sensor (PN# 65818350779), but the wire connecting to it. That was the case with mine. Cost me 3 bucks for the new wires with connectors from the dealership.

picture for reference:

This is located in your drivers side brake duct located beside your fog light. It clips into the duct. Pull it out, and the sensor should be on a slide-lock, so you can just push on the lock and release the temp sensor from the housing. There should be 2 wires running into the housing. Mine were green and corroded. I went to the dealer and asked for the wires that ran to the temperature sensor, and they provided them to me.

10 minutes later, i spliced the new wires into the yellow box and the temp reads fine again.
ya check the wires connecting to the sensor in your brake duct, same shit happend to me it the wire just rusted out and got disconnected the actual sensor was fine
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