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That's "Derek's" interpretation, whoever that guy is. I didn't know Ferrari gave Derek an Enzo to put on a skidpad for him to get his numbers. When Derek gets his hands on a 1.2 million dollar car to put it on a skidpad, I'll beleive his 1.03g. Derek has an unsubstantiated claim.

Ferrari claims 1.36g on the skidpad and it will deliver. Once a reputable magazine gets to test it (which will take time considering all 399 are sold and there are only 1 or 2 press vehicles) then we'll see.

To ask for "proof" that Ferrari didn't copy Toyota is misdirected. I doubt there is any uncertainty in anyone's mind that Ferrari can design their own vehicles. How can I prove that Ferrari didn't copy Toyota? I can't! Since when are there documents proving such things?

I CAN say that Ferrari has built some of the most beautiful cars in history ( a well known fact ) and would NOT need to copy Toyota to design their flagship vehicle. Ferrari's mystique is universal. You can beleive that Ferrari copied the Toyota front end but at the end of the day there are countless of car enthusiasts who beleive that the car is actually beautiful. The front splitter on the Ferrari follows function rather than form. The carbon fiber splitter underneath the pointed nose provides downforce to keep the Ferrari pinned to the road at 300 km/h+, rather than just being a cosmetic copy of the Toyota Ultimate Celica. The Enzo spent thousands of hours in the wind tunnel. Do you think that at the end of these hours the nose looks purposely like the Celica front end? It is like that for an (aerodynamic) reason. The chances that the front end of the Enzo being a copy of the Toyota Celica front end, AFTER thousands of hours of wind testing, are nominal, or even zero. What are the chances that a Toyota front end would happen to be exactly the design that Ferrari was looking for, and what are the chances that it provided enough downforce and functionality on purpose? I do not beleive that Ferrari would copy another vehicle's front end to put on their most expensive flagship vehicle.

Its one thing to not like a certain manufacturer's cars, but its a completely different thing to discount them completely on the basis on the front end of a car.

Numbers do not lie. Looks are subjective so we can sit here for days and argue till we are blue in the face. I'll let the numbers do the talking:

Name one factory current production Porsche that can outrun or outhandle this Enzo.

I rest my case.

Looks are subjective. No offense Dave but the amount of support that the Enzo appearance got and the amount of people that can appreciate its looks are far greater than the amount of people who consider it ugly.

As Tony said, the Enzo was built to attack racetracks, not art books. The front end serves a purpose, and one of them is not to please your sense of car design.

No flame intended, but I had to clear things up.
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