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Dave, no offense but Ferrari takes pride in their designs and Pininfarina (their design outsourcer) has never failed to make beautiful designs. Throughout history the Ferrari name has been attributed to beautiful cars. It is undeniable that the Enzo is a thing of beauty. To say otherwise would be like saying Michealangelo was capable to making something ugly. Ferrari did not copy the Celica; the Enzo has been in development since a year after the F50 (in its very early stages). In fact, the front design of the Enzo (along with the underbody) makes for unparalleled aerodynamic downforce, so much that a 220 mph supercar does need an external spoiler. The Ferrari was not copied from the Celica nor does it intentionally share any design cues. Ferrari is one of the world's foremost design firms, and I doubt they need to steal styling cues from a Japanese auto maker.
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