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lol sarcasim is so hard to identify on the internet. i was reading the first couple of comments and i thought u guys were being serious and i told myslef "omg...i think im going to have to leave maxbimmmer or bring a paintball gun to one of the meets."

But honestly, i dont know y u guys keep going and going about how his car looks like ass and how he should change it. I think its hideous myself, but he has a different taste and thats that.

P.S :omg bmw 7 ur sig just fking ruined my day/week, i didnt even watch the full video. can u please remove it, thats disturbing. Honestly if i met those guys id fking buy a hooker, let them jack them off just before they bust a nut and fking cut their balls of and feed it to them. fking sons of bitches. i would feel no remorse killing those faggets

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