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Originally posted by tlaselva
Enzo Ferrari Ugly?

That car has been designed for performance first. Cosmetics and esthetics are irrelevant to a car of this magnatude.

This car has not been designed for mass production. It is not designed so it will appeal aesthetically to the average consumer.
This car is likely the best tracking car ever to come out of Ferrari.
It has been made for a lucky few, with large amounts of disposable income that can appreciate one of the finest performing automobiles to grace this planet of ours.

Drive down the street with that automotive excellence, and see how many people will scoff at it as being ugly...... I don't think so.

Amen! Anyone who drives this thing says that it is the beast around a track. Tiff Needel said that no car he's ever driven has ever matched the feel of this car. It also pulls 1.36g on the skidpad, which is miles (literally) ahead of the nearest street legal competitor, the 996 GT2 (1.02g). The styling will grow on you, its on a matter of time. I thought the F50 was brutal until I saw it in person and then I fell in love with it. Seeing the engine bay of that Enzo made me almost faint. I am glad to see Ferrari on top again
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