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Angry **** Benz And **** Bmw! Wtf Is Left?!?!?

Yea im sure you have all your problems with your bmws, and we heard about all the problems with vlads 745. well hes a little story i would like to tell you with my moms 00 clk. I wake up to this awfull phone ringing in my ear.. i pick it up and its my mom saying i got a flat fix it.. well great i go downstairs and change it.. big ass bolt in there like it was drilled in there.. anyways thats like the 3rd flat tire.. and i aint gonna blame anyone except idiots that think there in batmobiles throwing down nails on the floor. anyways so we take it to shop to repair tires and get a emissions test.. well because its my moms turn to do it before due date comes up. so now i go shopping with her in my car and they call us back and it failed the first test. Turning the car on... we go back and this mother ****ing car WONT START! it starts putters like its about to take off warning lights flashing like were the space ship from colombia.. and just idles like 0-1000rpm bouncing off the walls ANYWAYS now benz is comming to pick kthis shit up.. thank god for warrenty.. but honestly should we expect shit like this for a car worth 80k and 24000km? **** benz and **** bmw... im buying a neon. maybe if i had money a porsche =)
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