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Originally Posted by ///MG View Post
The rant:

Parked my car last night in my buddies driveway. He had a house party... I knew everyone who was there. All was well, until someone decided to lean on my driver-side mirror and popped it off. Left it hanging by the wires. The next genious, saw a 1/2 off mirror and decided that it would be a good idea to take it... as what??? a fcuking souvenir?!?! You DUMB FCUK... You can't sell it because you're missing 1/2 the mirror and even if you decide to use it to replace your own M3 mirrors... IT"S NOT THE SAME FCUKING COLOR. Why the FCUK do people do shit like that?

The question:

Does anyone have any M3 mirrors... or even an extra mirror i can get off them for a few weeks so that I can put it on while i order one in? Let me know if you have any ideas where I can get them for a good price...

Thanks for reading.

people these days do the most fuked up shit.. sorry to hear that bro. if you want an oem mirrior i can get you a decent deal from my dealership. it will be in next day
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