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Originally Posted by AceOfSpades View Post
here's what i think. you prolly don't give a **** about it anyways. i am not a purist, so i won't really bash your ride. i do like certain type of "ricers"( mainly the ones from europe)

i honestly honestly honestly think the car has lots of potential as is!! 100% truth to that. here's the list of little things here and there i'd change...
1/ the mesh HAS to go. mesh look CHEAP!!!paint them black or hide them! if your car is worth 10 stars, mesh will bring it automatically down to 5 stars
2/ the over all car is lackin contrast, bring back the black bumper strip, bring back the original grill and paint em black. carbon like overlay for the roof and the little flaps on the bumper would look amazing.
3/ where are your spacers?
4/ get a good set of headlights with a lightly smoked indicators
5/ bring back the original interior

those are cheap mods that will make your car look much better/ presentable IMO

now that you said that someone in your family has a body shop. get a black > to red flip flop paint. a black color with red flakes and a 3 piece chrome wheel(with stepped lip) > hottest e36 on max.

then again who the **** am i to tell you what to do
I agree 100%, car has potential, just some little mods and it will keep looking better. But if dude likes it the way it is, more power to him man!
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