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If I had to choose between Z and K, I would take Zaino. In my use, I have found it to last longer than Klasse (and for the record, I was a Klasse user for 5 years before switching to Zaino 3 years ago). Klasse was very close to Zaino 4 or 5 years ago, but things have changed since then. The biggest change has been with the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations introduced a couple of years ago. They changed the way detailing supplies were formulated. Manufacturers were forced to use more environmentally friendly ingredients to make their products, while still upholding the same durability and quality. Zaino was able to do this rather well. Their products have evolved and improved continually despite any regulations forced on them. Klasse OTOH was hurt by the VOC regulations. The ingredient changes they made to their products hurt the durability and performance. The current AIO has a touch less cleaning power and far less acrylic protection then the pre VOC version. Same can be said for SG as durability has suffered as well. Klasse also never introduces formula changes for the sake of improvement. Prior to the VOC changes, the formula for Klasse SG and AIO had not changed for a period of 15 years, as per Bob Faragasso at Klasse. And contrary to what Holden has said, you do NOT need to layer Zaino for optimal results. One layer of ZAIO and one layer of Z2 will be more durable than one layer of KAIO and KSG. I would not use Zaino CS as I feel Z2 is the way to go. Using Zaino like this makes it simple. No guesswork about which Z to use.

In terms of how Zaino got popular, yes it's true it was started by a gentleman named Sal Zaino. Sal does ask some his users to beta test products, like all manufacturers do. He is not the only one that does this. Also, he doesn't do this to create shills of his users, he actually does it to beta test! Who better to test Zaino than experienced users? What a concept! The reason Zaino is so popular is not because people lie about it's performance. It's popular because it is one of the few products that actually lives up to the claims it makes. Zaino is the real deal. It works as advertised.
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