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Originally posted by pasta325i
no it's not tax....

this is what it says on the ticket....

SET FINE OF: $42.50
[Total Payable includes costs and applicable victim fine surcharge.]

but he should of charged me $45 exactly (since i did 15 over and it's $3 a km) could i cath him for that since he did it wrong?
Listen, even if they spell your name wrong, you still cant get out of the ticket. You could in the past, but not anymore. Your stuck. Dont waste your time looking for things to get you off the ticket. The ticket isnt that bad anyway. 15 over isnt a lot. When you book the court date, the worst that can happen is you will end up paying all of it. But more likely than not, you will get it reduced more, and will end up paying like $20-30 with no points. So relax, go have a cigarette or something.
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