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Originally posted by pasta325i
hey mkgino....should i just get my buddy to represent me in court? is that ok by the judge?

not just anybody but i mean the guy that was in the car with me...
I went for my sister and I wasnt even in the car at the time. Just dont get a moron to represent you who doesnt know what they are doing. Its not that hard, this is what you do.

Book a court date and get someone to represent you:

1) at first court date

- if officer is not there -------> plead not guilty, ticket gets thrown out.

-if officer is there ---------> rebook court date for future date.

2) At second court date:

-if officer is not there-------> plead not guilty, ticket gets thrown out

-if officer is there-----------> ask judge to reduce ticket because you are poor and a student and cant afford it.

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