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Originally posted by pasta325i
Oh no doubt about it I wa snice to him, way to nice i think...cause fraknly i know i was't doing 81km and he still bullshitted his way through a ticket...atleast tell me the truth and say that i was doing 65-70km in a 50 but not 81!
listen this is what you do, and it works. The only way you will get off the ticket is if the officer does not show up to court.

Ive done this with like 4 of my moron sisters speeding tickets and its worked every time.

Book your court date. When the date rolls around get your brother, sister or someone close to you to represent you in court. When there, get your friend to see if the officer is in the court room. Give your buddy a discription of the officer. If he is not there, then get your friend to plead not guilty, and the ticket gets thrown out.

If the officer is there, request a rebook of the court date to the prosecutor for a later date and get your friend to give some BS reason why you couldnt come.

Then when the next court date rolls around, the cop probably wont show up------> ticket dismissed. If he does, then just ask that the ticket gets reduced because your poor or something.

By the second court date, you will probably have it about a year later, so this wasts a lot of time.

Now do it this way, dont be a moron and do it some bonehead other way. Do what I say. I have done this like for 4 of my sisters tickets and she has gotten off of ALL of them.

If you dont do it this way, I promise that I will be the first person to laugh at you.

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