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Originally posted by Harry
1. The officer will record the speed and they must calibrate the radar or laser before use. They need to be trained to do so. The officer will say they offered, and u say he didnt. The court will always believe the police officer. Bad idea to lie in court, it just pisses off the judge.

2. The radar or laser will be hidden from your view, either in the vehicle, or behind a tree. They do it so you can't see itm thats the point.
1- so if i go to court in like 2 weeks and the officer shows up will he actually have the radar sheet?? and he cant use it since he dropped the ticket to 65km...he'll just make an ass of himself in front of the judge, no?

2- i know it's always hidden but as i was coming down the street he was like pulling out of a side street, it seems to werid to me that he caught me while pulling out of a street...
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