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Re: @#%*.... just got a ticket!!!!

Originally posted by pasta325i
I was driving to go get some red rockets with 2 friends of mine in my mom's Kia Rio and as I was coming down a small hill on this main street (2 lanes) here in hamilton this cop comes outta a street and pulls me he says i was doing 81k in a 50k but i highly doubt it....he offeredfor me to view the radar but i denied saying i believe him that way i could get a better ticket...anyways he told me he would save me points and lowerit and he did to "65k in a 50" which was great but still i dont even think i should of got anything...

so now im thinking of going to court to try and only questions are..

1- do they record everything on radar (that way i can lie in court and say that he never offered to see it )

2- and while he was comign outta that street to pull me over it seemed like he never really had a radar and stopped and caught me doing anything bad...cause he was pulling out of a street pretty quickly even my buddy saw it...

well anyways what do you guys think...and does anyone know the answers to help me out!?!?!
You wanna try something fun? But you gotta have balls to do it. Book a court date ask the officer in front of the judge how fast you were going, and he will say 81km/h in a 50km/h. Then you say yes that is true, I was going 81km/h in a 50. Then show them the ticket and say However this ticket says I was going 65 in a 50 so obviously either the officer is wrong, or they are lying. The ticket will then get thrown out of court.
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