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Thumbs down i f*cking hate NYC

with a passion today i woke up, and i see almost all the snow melted, due to yesterdays heavy rain, so i was like hmmmmmmm its 45 degrees outside, let me take the bimmer for a ride around my neighborhood. Well i didnt know what surprise i was in for, cause half of the roads have holes 5 feet deep, and the worst one was on a very busy street (Steinway) where the metal platers that were there for a month are mising and the whole block is thorn apart thank god i made a u-turn and headed in a small street, so that on the way home i was drivng 5 mph, on every street, and all i heard was various horns, and highbeams, that were meant for me but i didnt give 2 f*cks about it. i almost broke the pan and spoiler 3 times today, but my boy was not so lucky in his slammed 95 jetta, who smaked the oil pan last night

Now lets see how long is gonna take this assholes to fix the roads, and when they do they will do its poorly i know for a facy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE NYC I wish the whole city went into flames
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