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Arrow Replaced my thermostat: concerns

All went ok but as usual you run into problems when you don't have the right tools. Took me WAYYYY too long... like 9 hours probably actually working on the car.

I managed to bend my driver's side rocker a tiny bit jacking it up. I had to jack it a bit to the side so I could put jackstands under the actual reinforced area. Later I realized I should've jacked forward of the reinforced area rather than toward the back where I bent it...

Took me a while to undo the block coolant plug and I forgot to turn the heater on while it was draining... Then I never saw an "aluminum sealing ring" for the block plug bolt... as it says on pelican parts. This is my main concern right now.

In all it drained only 6-7L so some was still left in there for sure.

Replacing the thermostat itself was pretty easy although putting the bolts back in was trick b/c the big one was hard to tighten and I had to undo everything else and try again. The engine surface looked nice and clean, no corrosion, so I didn't use any black silicone, just new gaskets.

I think I bled it ok, there is heat in the car idling or driving, nice and strong, doesn't go cold and car doesn't overheat.

Anything I should look out for?? I'll keep an eye on the coolant level and leaks for now.

P.S. This was done to put in the lower temp (80c) thermostat for the fan delete mod.

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