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Originally Posted by speedyclxton View Post
they shouldn't be allowed to touch the cars there
there were a couple cars i seen there and had signs with big F^&*ing letters


But to many idiots there to understand English i guess, and I dont see the point of sitting in something you'll never own? or let alone even drive? whats the point to say that you have sat in a R8? ALONG WITH THE 100,000 PEOPLE that went to the show that DAY.

its just like going to a museum i guess as far as i'm concerned nice cars the like Porsche Aston Martin. Ferrari, Lamborghini and such they are
$100,000 + cars more than a lot of art pieces, you shouldn't able to molest the god damn things, IMO..

i throw some pictures up tonight when i get home
It's about the auto show experience.

I am glad to see Audi open up their R8 for people to sit in it and inspect it up close. Cars like this are suppose to be the halo for the brand, something that lift the brands image. And it only serves its purpose when it wows people, and attract people into their booth.
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