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Originally Posted by Nascar318is View Post
Nice but what sucks about condos is you have your fees (around $200)every month, one parking spot My buddy has a condo in Quebec pys $1000 a month plus $200 a month(for life) for condo fees. He paid $150K for it. It's not bad, but it's not super big. It's good if you are old and lazy and don't like to work around the house and have to worry about snow removal and your grass. I'll stick to a $180K house with taxes in for under $1100 a month. If I buy a $180K house in Qubec with 0$ down I can have it paid off in about 5 years, no penalty..(I'd have no life but it is doable)
yup condo fee's ...
in almost all cases this covers exterior insurance of the structure, snow removal, property maintenance etc.
often times u can buy additional parking

if the condo is managed properly the fee's should be nowhere near $200 unless in a hi-rise..
but that higher fee usually ($350+) will include Hydro.
even non condo town homes have a 'common fee', & also less rules & more of peoples crap laying about on lawns!

i only mention 'cheap condo's' cause its a good '1st time buy', starting out thing.
$5K down or less..$1000 a month payments most people can do,
now the same $5K down on a $250K house puts ur monthly at what $1600- $1700+
and if interest rates have risen by mort renewal time -can b ouch

+ as u pay down the condo & start saving you can then rent it out while getting into a single home.
this is one way to turn your principle residence into an investment, if u don't re-fi or mess up.
would also be looked at as an asset or earning asset by the bank (good for even More credit!)

*and don't even get me started on Homes Prices!!
that $350+K bungalow built in the 50's was selling at $100K in 2000.
I look at ottawa & I say to myself 'sorry I don't see the reason for the $250K rise in price.'

and if/when the u.s economy gets good again (will take years) no one else will see the worth in the oppulant pricing of ottawa homes

Originally Posted by Nascar318is View Post
1000cc motorbike, if it's a street bike it's over $600 a year just for your license in Qubec, as per the SAAQ website(new pricing) along with our license being every year instead of every 2 years and pricing went up for that as well.

Anyway enough of that, enjoy the snow that's coming down right now.. and I'm off for the Daytona 500
got a cruiser, so i pray im ok..
a 600cc supersport would be suicidaly fast enough (for me)

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