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Originally Posted by Manimillion View Post
I still enjoy watching Clarkson more, just for the entertainment factor, he is hilarious and his personality suits mine. Just the sheer factor that he takes extreme sides is just hilarious! I like to watch Tiff because of his driving, you can still learn a lot by watching
LOL yeah I love how he always sets himself up as the arrogant douchebag and always loses (well except for the races against Cpt Slow). I mean Tiff's a former F1 racer, but he's just not a very good host. 5th gear is closer to what Top Gear used to be like - just another car review show. Remember Top Gear, even when they came back from cancellation, had that fat dude who talked about what cars are good value and shit? They caught on pretty quick that people who want that kind of crap will read Consumer Reports. Top Gear is pure entertainment, discussing cars that none of us have any hope of owning, ever (or even seeing in most cases).
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