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Originally Posted by Manimillion View Post
Tiff and Clarkson are a character of their own, I enjoy watching them both.
Imagine they both used to be on the same show, back when Top Gear was still on Channel 5 before it got cancelled? I don't think Clarkson's ego would handle that now, not that I really have a problem with it. Tiff annoys me a little bit, too nerdy. Clarkson's my hero - buys a car with mileage per tank lower than the distance to the nearest gas station from his house, and his favourite car is the F40, because it makes big bangs. All of his segments hold my attention like the first pair of naked titties I ever saw after puberty started. Tiff and that broad of his, meh, kinda lame. But I don't think anyone will ever let Clarkson drive a current F1 car, not that he'd ever fit.
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