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I test drove, 2 other Z4's and a 330, all between 2003 - 2006. I was happy with this one, and i'm a techncian at costco. It doesn't say much but I have rebuild 2 e30 engines, and replaced every suspension part possible, installed everything from tires - brake lines and so on. I felt confident that this car was good to go. CarFax showed one owner, and this guy babied it. Never drove in winter, all car products used were purchased from BMW, he used imported german oils, and had proof included copy of service papers. He didnt want to sell it but he needed the money to get married and put a down payment on house. The car is solid. all the basics are good, I had Meineke certify it. The mechanics said it was a steal, bmw technicians said the convert top held its condition and color better than any 2003 they had ever seen. Another odd note, I took it for a drive on a warmer day this week and the sound was no longer there. I will have either BMW or another impor mechanic look at this prob. I just wanted to know if anyone had ever experienced a similiar sound with a 03 Z4. As well as a good aftermarket supplier, i'd prefer checking out the prices of a larger variety of suspension parts before just putting BMW parts on. I have had a good experience with BavAuto, but was looking for advice from Z owners.
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