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New headlights - what are these connectors?

Just bought a set of used Depos w/ the E46 projector retrofit done to them. These also seem to have the Euro adapter that I've been wanting forever!
However, I have a couple questions about the wires.

In the first pic, what's the blue wire for? My guess is for angel eyes?

In the second pic, what are the brown and yellow wires in the low beam housing for? Do I need to use these at all once I stick the D2S HID bulb in there? My guess is that these power the halogen low-beams if one were to use such a setp, so it doesn't apply for my situation. Correct me if I am wrong!

I 'd also appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to post a pic of the back of their low beam housing with HIDs so i can see what wires (if any) are connected to the housing itself.
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