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Ok so here is the situation hopefully u guys can shed some light,
the car is 92 318i with m42 engine

I went for my first e test last sat- failed bad Co% was 7.32 max is .036 I replaced the O2 sensor and brought me down to 1.37 still very high meaning running rich still right? What I have done is replaced plugs fuel filter and o2 sensor,I even tryed the menthol hydrate trick it brought my reading down abit on my hc suppose yto read I think 64 was 84 still not enough,Left the test place and threw another code for MAF...Im like wtf,Went to the scrap yard today picked one up from a 93 318is 1.8 code is still present but runs even worse smells very rich idle bounces all over the board at a light and almost stalls,Could this be a bad MAF too? Im stumped any help is greatly appreciated thank in advance.
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