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Originally Posted by GSTAR View Post
Can you price match the blacklines?
Tisher BMW sells them for like 235$ + 30$ USPS shipping to Canada.

If your willing to lower the price of your blacklines or pricematch it let me know.
I will pick up a set and help you post pictures on my car.

As far as I know, Tischer does not ship USPS anymore. They only do UPS to Canada.

You will have to pay brokerage fees, disbursment fees, GST, PST, currency exchange fees. Total will be around CAN$375-395 depending on the exchange rate.

Our price is $349, shipping is $20. And we just charge GST (5%). Total is $387.45.

On a good day, you will save $5-10 by ordering from Tischer. On a bad day, you'll lose $5-10. We're pretty even.

The reason why we can't lower our price any more than this is because we buy most parts from the USA where we pay the same price as any US retailer. The problem is we have to pay these importing fees ourselves whereas you have to pay them yourself when you order from a US retailer.

Let me know if you have any questions

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