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Thumbs down Scammer!! Beware of Joe aka "j824"

I guess that we learn from our mistakes, but I didn't think that I would get ripped off from someone on this board. He sold me a deck that he said he had in his mom's car, and only took it out because she didn't know how to use it... But really the deck wasn't working properly. I should have known when he said he had no receipt and got it from his buddy's shop. I hope that people on this board read this before dealing with him if he ever posts on here... Really sucks after spending the money on the deck and to get the deck installed professionally and then finding out I have a radio that cuts out every few minutes. Just be warned, I guess I should watch for these guys with few posts, and selling stuff. Can't trust anyone anymore. Now I am out money and a deck in my car!!! Sometimes the money that you think you save buying it used is not worth saving as it costs you more in the long run!
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