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yeah the kwd come in 235/35/18, which i am leaning towards, i like the design and the reviews read well. i actually found a picture of a e36 with black ultra's running /35 in the rear and /40 in the front. the difference in sidewall height is not all that great but to me it looks just the way i want it.

so 235/35/18 kdw's it is. my resident weather frog in the office just proclaimed there will be no more major dumps this year, i told him i bet i can make it snow by putting on my summer wheels early.

i better put those babies in the shed and forget about them for a while before i do something stupid. on top i REALLY REALLY hate my winter wheels, stupid 16 inch borbet 5 spoke junk, fugly wheels. oh well they are cheap and hold up well to abuse.

btw, thx for all the advice, much appreciated
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