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there have been some complications, they boxes he had for the 18X9's had 18X8's in them, so i took those, in retrospect i figure staggerd is no going ot be optimal for handling anyways, the car is it is nice and balanced, not tail happy or understeering, so putting wider rubber in the back would push the tendency to understeer right? sooo 18X8's all around, what size to put on? i am thinking 235/35/18 or 235/40/18. i kinda like the look of a skinny sidewall, lower side wall makes me assume the ride will be harder then with the higher wall, and probably have a better chance of fitting without a roll, any downsides to the skinnier sidewall? i also like the 235's over the 225, as it would probably protect the wheels better against curb rash.

any final comments welcome

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