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e36 power
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1. Furious- 1994 325is/ s50b30/ stage 1 AA supercharger.

2. SickFinga - 1997 M3/4 - RMS Stage 2+ Supercharger.

3. BMW_7 - 1995 BMW 318i - Downing Atlanta Supercharger

4. bubsy12 - 1995 Dodge Avenger - Star Stage 2 Turbo Setup w/upgrades and Built Block/Head/Tranny (Non-Bimmer but I can help answer any generic boost questions)

5._DIESEL_ 1998 328i SPA Turbo Setup 10psi

6. Striker- 87 325is Garret/Tial Sports GT28S turbo presently. I am rebuilding
an 91 e34 535i 3.5L M30 engine (stock 220HP) to swap into the e30 and will
turbocharge right fter expecting around 350 plus RWHP for starters, hoping for 400 plus when done.

7.318tipower- dasc supercharger, m3 fuel injectors and fuel pump, custom fuel rail, chipped, intake, straight pipe exhaust, pistons and rods, pushing 220 horse with 7..5 psi
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