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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
LOL @ stuff and things. Like seats, wipers, floors?

rear seats needed (check), wiper motor (check),
heater fan is unbalanced = insanely loud & only works on 4 (check)
no radio (check), some easily patchable holes in the trunk floor (check)

and as for the floor.. you'd have to ask him .. I know some work has been done
Im gonna say the floor is Hole free but im not 100%.. but yeah there were a few small holes.
dave is the 2nd owner, he's had it for 11years. the floor was never at any point 'rusted out'

the rebuilt 288 shrick cam'd motor with some korman bits & a bav chip has less then 100K km's on it
it hauls @ss and its a torq monster - why he might keep it.

I know he just did brakes, tie rods & a wheel bearing (dec)

may pics (recent)

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