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Originally Posted by Mickey Knox View Post
ok, let me understand something, tirerack recommends 225/40/18 on the front for the 18X8 and 245/35/18 in the rear. if i read this correctly that would make the total diameter of the whole wheel plus tire bigger in the front then in the rear?

from other forums and article i gather that 235's will still fit fine on the 18X8, so i am thinking i can put 235/35/18 front and 245/35/18 in the back.

i have found these guys

Anyone know if they are any good? the reviews sound good and they look badass.

sorry i keep bugging you guys, just dont know much about tires and wheels

Sigh, another 12 weeks till i can put them on.

The radius will only have .1 of an inch difference...

225/40/18 means, the sidewall is 40% of 225mm,
245/35/18 means that the sidewall is 35% of 245mm

The number by itself doens't explain anything, this is a common misconception among a lot of people.
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