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Originally Posted by Bandi View Post
seriously, that is awesome... got any more pics?
LOL, mmmmm.... dunno. I will look around the computer.... I remember snapping a pic to see what the 16" e30-spec Rota Slipstreams look like on it. Looks ballin'

Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Someone is in for a lot of body work.
Word. Brand new Fiberglass Fenders, Turbo Flares, Turbo front skirt, Rear bumper, and Trunk lip ready to see some hardcore '02 action...

Originally Posted by jm1602 View Post
Way funny there dude. I spoke with Richard about your roller, looks good. What colour are you going with, how about the flat grey like the TI/SA?
Yep. Turkey. Its because of the stand the car came with. Remember that deally-on-wheels it was on? Looks kind of like a rotisserie. So we called it the Turkey. The old car was 'Rusty' because it was, well, rusty... hence why we got the Turkey to replace it. I'm not really into naming cars, but those names stuck to its respective car....

Colours?? Hmm... I wanted a Dark colour to offset the chrome. Dad wants it white. Rich doesn't really care as long as its fast. So I suggested at that moment, lets keep it the way it is, all junky and go school 'em at the track, hahaa wouldn't that be classic, seeing some rusty pile of crap blowing by in a Turboed flame of side exhaust gases. Dad didn't think that was funny.

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