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Anyone know repair technicians/servicers for a carputer system?

Hey guys...

I have a carputer (touchscreen + harddrive) in my car and I recently in the summer had a problem where the screen still shows the picture however I can't get the touch featuer to work and I when I plug a mouse into the usb slot of the harddrive it as well won't allow me to move the mouse around.

So basically I can see the deskptop and the computer boots up fine, however I can't move the mouse or get the touchscreen to reconize any movement using my finger.

This is the system that was originally in Randy's car (empowered) and then Rich's car (whom I bought t he car from).

If anyone could please help or guide me to someone who does repairs/diagnostic work on these systems so I can get it functioning again that would be great!

Or if you do repairs yourself and you want to make money PM me!
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