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Here's my lists:

e34 to do
fix highway speed wander (with magic or something, since I can't find the problem)
loosen steering box
recheck leaking diff
inspect, record and oil rust spots (that aren't due for repair)
repair sunroof, perhaps headliner. see here
fix fuel consump meter here
OBC computer bulb replacement
remove dash console and replace lights
install rear brake pads / rotors
solder adapter to radio
fix trim pieces on dvd radio
install radio
mount screen?
steam clean interior / trunk
replace cracked shift boot

30 to do
oil inside rockers
locate all rust spots, record them, oil them
POR license lights
remove bezzle and mount gtech pro
acquire / find plug that fits gtech pro
hardwire gtech pro to switched power
fix washer level indicator
remove rims and scrub tar from them
replace muffler.. stebro?
check for vacuum leaks with propane
determine why brake line light is on (suspect rear connector)
install new 1.2watt bulb in headlight switch area
fix / replace headlight switch plastic
investigate shifter knocking sound when cold (guibo?)
examine front rotors for warping
remove risers from seats, use loctite, reinstall
install black door pods
install new fenders, paint fenders, spare trunk & rear wing
solder o2 sensor plug
install wideband o2 sensor
tap thermostat housing
get gm cts and ats
install gm sensors
rewire injector loom
install megasquirt
install high flow injectors
finish notching manifolds
determine if I want to turbo or supercharge (i have both already)

Oh.. and then there are the 2 street bikes, 2 dirt bike and 2 pocket bikes.
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