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And he offered to do my rear ball joints! He has the tool and everything!

Yeah, Todd was a Porsche tech for a while, and he does a lot of VW work apparently, but he seems to know his Bimmers as well, or at least now he does. I have asked him a couple of questions where I knew the answer, and it wouldn't be common knowledge. When did you deal with him?

My issue isn't with the work, it's with the customer service. Is it too much to ask to do what you say, when you say? It might be worth the wait to save the cash on labour -- he doesn't charge book rate, and he only dinged me for two hours on the rear shocks for my Bimmer, when he said it would take him one hour, and he ended up taking three.

Like I said, we'll see how our calm, constructive chat goes. Otherwise......well, take a look at my avatar

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