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Originally Posted by Philboski View Post
I should get the car back today. This is at Autobahn in Manotick by the way.
Ah Yes...Todd. I know him. My Father brings his car to him, and swears by him. Nice guy, but I don't bring my car to him. His real speciality is Porsche's I think, and I think he's "learning as he goes" with the Bimmers. I asked him once what he would charge for replacing a rear Ball joint on the 540, and he procedded to tell me that 540's didn't have a rear ball joint, and I would need to replace the entire control arm. I quickly decided I wouldn't be going there. I'd much prefer to stick to doing it myself. I can at least trust my own work to a degree. I'm sure he's a great mechanic, but not necessairily a BMW specialist. And Because he's pretty much a one man operation, like you said, it can take a while to get work done.

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