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My mechanic thought it was related to the belts at first, but quickly discovered it was a chain guide. The part has some nylon on it, and this was destroyed. The chain jumped a tooth as well. Big job -- timing covers have to come off as do the valve covers. Lots o' labour.

On top of this, he was really slow getting to my car because,and I quote "I had a whole bunch of people coming in to get their snow tires done." So, apparently, my money is less important than theirs. Second job in a row where he said it would be done at a certain time, and failed to deliver (actually, he has done this three times alone on this job!). I will be having a chat with him when I pick up the car, and depending on his answers, he might lose my business. And he is sooo much cheaper than Duss Bros.

Geez, I just reread that last para. Think I'm a little bitter?

I should get the car back today. This is at Autobahn in Manotick by the way.
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