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Originally Posted by Boots R View Post
You get what you pay for. $3500 is nothing for Vertu phones.
Hmmmm ....
  • 3 year old technology [this model announced in 2004]
  • no 850 MHz band
  • no MMS
  • no Bluetooth
  • no camera
  • no MP3

Seems like a bargain to me
"Unfortunately, “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule apply to this Ascent phone. It’s not good on the inside. It doesn’t have a camera, MP3 player, radio, or 3D gaming chip. This phone, well, like other luxurious items, is just for showing-off purpose. It’s for people who have too much money and they don’t know how else they can get rid of them. Not for people who’s looking for a real phone"
"..To the designers, that meant leaving out anything that might possibly confuse the owner, including perks commonly found in much cheaper phones like Bluetooth wireless for hands-free headsets and voice-operated systems like the one in the 2004 Acura TL, or a browser for checking e-mail, weather or movie times. You can send SMS messages, but there's no way to take and send photos and other multimedia files .."
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