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Originally Posted by HoldenC View Post
Thank you, PoliceDog.

The cost of a detail varies based upon the products used, the time involved, and other material costs. If you would like to use our services in the future, please get in touch......"
My apologies - that was a trick question. I knew I wouldn't get an answer to it!

You see, I wasn't asking for a "quote" for one of my cars. I specifically asked for the cost of detailing that car - where you already know exactly the "...products used, the time involved, and other material costs..." Unless the owner of that car asked you specifically to keep what he paid a secret (and I would imagine that most guys would boast about it to their friends!) there's really no reason it can't be made public and give people like me - and I bet there are others - at least a "range" of what costs to expect. I don't want to "guess" and I don't want to "inquire".

All that aside, that's a superb cleaning job.
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