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Originally Posted by PoliceDog View Post
That's pretty insane 'beading' in that YouTube video clip! What was the 'all-in' cost for the clean/detail on that?
Thank you, PoliceDog.

The cost of a detail varies based upon the products used, the time involved, and other material costs. If you would like to use our services in the future, please get in touch.

Originally Posted by n2ozebozz View Post
please pardon my noobee question, but what was the purpose of the first clip?
Good Question!

It's very difficult to tell the properties of a certain finish protection product (i.e. wax or sealant) without examining its molecular structure. Fortunately, water provides the best means of determining the quality and/or durability of a given product. Ultra-fine beading, for example, shows that the product is providing superior protection.

Originally Posted by slemmer View Post
Do you do this as a side job or is this your main job?
Apollo Detailing is a full-time business from May-November and a part-time business thereafter.
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