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Originally Posted by Dinan_M5 View Post
This one has the rear sun shade and pull up shades for the rear doors, but i believe for an M5 those are standard dealership options, could be wrong thou.
I won't call you on "standard...option" I think you're right though, the sunshades could have been standard on US or Canadian models. The E46 I mention above didn't have the sunshade in any model, but it was an available option in Europe. The Euro cars basically have only the engine and the cabin air as standard (that's the air that exists when the windows are up, not aircon), everything else is an option. BMW North America, and BMW Canada have long specified certain items as needing to be standard. For example, the "cold weather package" option in the US (heated seats, heated mirrors) was standard in Canadian spec cars.

Anyway, whatever "options" that car has, it's a beaut.
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